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Orsenfelt 3 years ago site-update

Don't worry, Pantheon101 is still being worked on, despite it being several months since I last posted a list of changes. As the site nears v1.00 proper I have been doing multiple passes of improvements, tweaks and minor changes and bunching them all together on the dev version alongside the bigger features being scoped and fleshed out.

In this update;

  • Character equipment is working!
    • Search for suitable equipment.
    • Add it to your character.
    • WARNING :: Like everything, this is very alpha stage. Try it out but expect weirdness. 
  • Support has been unified into a threaded ticket system.
    • ALL existing reports have been moved to this system, check /support to see them.
  • Added support for NORENT items
  • Added cooldown to spells/abilities
  • Added range to spells/abilities
  • Added support for spells/abilities that use endurance as opposed to mana, added appropriate styling to tooltips
    • Tooltips will have yet another design pass before v1.
  • Added distinct default tooltip icons for weapons. (More to follow)
  • Users can now change their on-site username through the /settings page
    • There may be future tweaks to this such as limits or a record of changes.
  • Users can now enter a short about me on their profile page
  • Transactional email styles have been updated and improved, to fit with the overall branding of the site.
  • Users will now receive an email upon changing their accounts email address that will;
    • Inform the old address a change has been requested (and to what)
    • Cycle through the email verification process of the new email before switching to it.
  • TinyMCE's WYSIWYG editor has replaced all textarea inputs on the site, including when adding comments. (Previously comments were parsed through BBCode)
  • TinyMCE has been styled to more closely match the overall site.
  • Advanced /item filtering now works like it's supposed to, whereby when filtering by CLASS or RACE you will see both items restricted to that specific race/class and items classified as ALL/ALL
    • Massive thanks to @evilmaus for working through some tricky logic on this.
  • Additionally, the advanced filter dropdown will now stay open when in use between page changes.
  • Error 404 (and 403-Restricted) handling has been improved, no more blank white pages. 
  • 'Grid Focus' layout pages, such as /class, have been made more responsive to smaller screen sizes.
  • News articles now list the date they were published rather than created
  • Fixed a number of tooltip.js style/position bugs.
    • Added a loading animation
    • Added support for excluding otherwise tool-tipable links
  • Added Faction <-> NPC relationships, with positive/negative indicators.
  • Added My {..} dropdown to navigation for logged in users, for quick access to your characters. More in future.
  • Yet another footer styling update

Coming in v0.80;

  • Guild applications
  • Guild member rosters
  • Discord chat bot, to allow searching from Discord channels
  • Better documentation for features like Tooltip.js, Discord bot etc.
  • Improve icon provision across all models



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Nice! Can't wait for 0.80! :) Keep up that good work!

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