ABOUT US Mortal is a tight-knit, competitive raiding guild with a history spanning from McQuaid's Vanguard through our most recent endeavors in Wildstar. Our community is comprised of mature gamers, many of whom have been playing together for several years. We aim to continue our competitive raiding success and grow our community in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. For more information about us, you can read a thorough history of our achievements here and check out some guild metrics to better understand our community here. EXPECTATIONS From you? We expect skilled fingers and a strong mind in theorycrafting & reverse engineering. Making scheduled raids and being a polite/articulate person are also highly valued qualities. From us? Expect a playground for you to excel and achieve raiding and performance goals without dealing with egos, toxic behavior, or memespam. We also hand loot out, so there's that, too. RECRUITMENT Currently closed for all classes. However, if you do find yourself interested in what we have to offer, feel free to throw in an application and you can raid our forums for any guild or Pantheon-related information. Expect recruitment to open for specific classes once we see a playable Alpha/Beta. SCHEDULE Currently, we are anticipating a 9-hour per week (3 nights per week/3 hours per night) commitment to raiding from Mortal members. However, additional/bonus nights and/or slightly extended hours can be expected during progression. Raid nights and specific times are still TBD, and will be decided by the guild collectively once a majority of members have access to a playable alpha/beta. As the majority of raiders are based in the U.S., expect raid times to coincide with traditional U.S. raiding time slots.