The Dragon Accord

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The Dragon Accord is a Guild Based on providing help to its Members. It is a place where all Members help each other, get together, support one another in a time of need. However, because each member has different opinions, standards, and playing style, we feel it is only fair to provide a set of common goals and standards for the guild. We are a team, this does NOT mean that we all think alike or even play alike, but it does mean that as a team we respect each other and stand behind one another; be it in Battle, with Epic needs, Quest's or in General trying someplace new to explore.

The Dragon Accord is committed to serving its Members and It's Members Serving one another. If you do not feel you can play, or respect this charter and the rules governing The Dragon Accord, then The Dragon Accord is not the guild for you. We do not expect any one Member to meet the needs of all, but each of us must share the responsibilities and, at times, put forth an extra effort to assist other Members even at our own expense. Even if it means you will be missing out on that " extra loot " or " extra bit of experience ", or that step forward ... for that is what Friendship is all about ... and Friendship is what The Dragon Accord is all about.

Our rules and guidelines are in place to provide order and organization so that the principal ideals of The Dragon Accord are maintained. Our Guild Leader, Guild Council, and Officers are committed to providing common-sense arbitration and, when needed, judicial discipline. They are committed to making The Dragon Accord and your Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Experience a far greater experience, as well as to helping to ensure that new Members and Existing Members succeed in their goals and the goals of The Dragon Accord. If you feel that The Dragon Accord and this charter of ideals meets your intended expectations, then please fill out an application or contact a Guild Officer and we will find a place for you in The Dragon Accord.

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