Site Update v0.80

Orsenfelt 5 years ago site-update

The guilds update!

In this update;

  • Guild management dashboard, replaces the old guild/edit page.
    • Guild creators can add invite users as officers, who gain all the same access and editing capabilities guild leaders have.
    • Which include;
      • Updating the settings/profile of the guild (name, rules, tags, banner etc)
      • Viewing, approving, or declining applications to join the roster
      • Promoting/demoting/removing characters already on the roster
      • View the activity log
    • It does not include
      • The ability to add new officers. Only guild creators can do that.
  • Removed the option to delete a guild - with the expansion of guild features it needs a re-think but it will be back.
  • Guild creators & officers can now disable the member roster
  • Guild creators & officers can now disable the application form
  • Guild creators & officers can now opt to re-direct applicants out to a third party site
  • Tabs have been redesigned to better match site styles
  • Sidebar boxes added
    • Placeholders for advertising testing (ugh, I know.. but I promise there won't be ads displayed until the game is out!)
    • Rotating showcase for partner Pantheon sites - If you would like your site added to this, contact me.
  • User settings is now the User Control Panel - now also with tabs to try and simplify/unify layouts and prepare for future addition of features.
  • On-site notifications implemented
    • If you're logged in you should now see a bell icon at the right side of the nav menu.
    • If you have new notifications it will turn blue
    • (If you have unread) Hovering over it will show you unread notifications and give you the opportunity to interact with them
    • Doing this will automatically mark the notification as read. To see all of them, go to your control panel as above.
  • Now running Laravel 5.5
    • However this has broken a number of periphary items, you are likely to see error pages. I'll be working through these issues before any of the 0.85 changes.

In the v0.85 update;

For those not aware, I usually do smaller updates without writing up a full changelog. Fixing things, trying things etc. Between this 0.80 update and the next 0.90 I will;

  • Talk to guild creators/managers about what kind of features they'd like to see. As usual, until the game is out we have no idea what might be needed but as I've said from the start - the goal on Pantheon101 is to either provide or promote the things players actually use to make their game experience better.. so if we can do basic batphones, guild forums, DKP - for guilds that don't want to run all that themselves then lets do that.
  • Allow guilds to create and list ghost characters in rosters. I intended to get this in by v0.80 but it just didn't happen in the end.
  • Now that there is a central notification system, I will set about tying in existing and new notifications to it.
  • Giving guild creators the ability to remove officers. Another feature I just didn't get around to.
  • Now that Visionary Realms are releasing information on race/class restrictions for players, they will be implemented into the system. Sorry Ogre Rangers.

Coming in v0.90 - The externalities update;

I know it's a terrible name. Basically the plan for v0.90 is to clean up all things Pantheon101 where they might exist externally to itself.

  • Page titles, meta descriptions, button text, facebook page content, RSS feeds, sitemaps, file names, file titles, user schema's, transactional emails, search engine snippets.
    • - Really the list goes on on and on but you get the idea. As features were built and designs change these things get neglected. It's been two years and the Pantheon101 YouTube channel doesn't have any videos on it!
    • Same applies to all social media channels for Pantheon101 (and game news content here on the site), it's been a concious decision of mine to have them but not really use them as building out features is more important. As the site reaches v1 that should naturally shift to content.

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Hotfix: Guild 'officers' have been renamed to moderators to avoid confusion of how the system works.
Hotfix: The guild application tab now has a series of validation gates, guiding users that are either not logged in or don't have character profiles set up through the application process.
Hotfix: Guild applications can now actually be accepted & rejected.
Hotfix: Guild members can be removed from the guild.
Hotfix: Guild moderators can be removed from the position by the guild creator.


Joined 31 May 2016

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Hotfix: Text input boxes now properly styled again.

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