Site Update v0.90

Orsenfelt 5 years ago site-update

In this update; 

  • User profile pages have been re-designed
    • Larger avatars
    • Space for user badges (coming soon)
  • Comment stacks have been re-designed to match
    • Updated to display oldest comment first
  • Guild moderators can now add...

Site Update v0.80

Orsenfelt 6 years ago site-update

The guilds update!

In this update;

  • Guild management dashboard, replaces the old guild/edit page.
    • Guild creators can add invite users as officers, who gain all the same access and editing capabilities guild leaders have.
    • Which include;

Site Update v0.70

Orsenfelt 6 years ago site-update

Don't worry, Pantheon101 is still being worked on, despite it being several months since I last posted a list of changes. As the site nears v1.00 proper I have been doing multiple passes of improvements, tweaks and minor changes and bunching them...


Site Update v0.60

Orsenfelt 6 years ago site-update

After a long old delay, today I'm pushing the next major update on the site.

  • Revamped the announce/error area at the top of the page - Various styles supported, can highlight twitch streams etc.
  • Improved Character & Guild deletion capability. Read

Streams! Videos! Updates! More!

Orsenfelt 7 years ago news

First up, the two announced streams.

CohhCarnage has confirmed another two developer streams "in the next few weeks", he'll be playing a brand new class - ie, not the Rogue we saw previously. Exact dates & times haven't yet been nailed down but...


Site update v0.50

Orsenfelt 7 years ago site-update

It's been a whole month since the last site update but here it is. Front-end commenting still hasn't been implemented, which is becoming a tradition at this point. Lots of other stuff has however been added or changed.

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