Site Update v0.70

Orsenfelt 3 years ago site-update

Don't worry, Pantheon101 is still being worked on, despite it being several months since I last posted a list of changes. As the site nears v1.00 proper I have been doing multiple passes of improvements, tweaks and minor changes and bunching them all together on the dev version alongside the bigger features being scoped and fleshed out.


Site Update v0.60

Orsenfelt 4 years ago site-update

After a long old delay, today I'm pushing the next major update on the site.


Streams! Videos! Updates! More!

Orsenfelt 4 years ago news

CohhCarnage has confirmed another two developer streams "in the next few weeks", he'll be playing a brand new class - ie, not the Rogue we saw previously.


Site update v0.50

Orsenfelt 5 years ago site-update

It's been a whole month since the last site update but here it is. Front-end commenting still hasn't been implemented, which is becoming a tradition at this point. Lots of other stuff has however been added or changed.