Raid Casual Crafting Family Friendly
Guild Name: Reignborn

Guild Focus: Casual Raid Progression (PvE)

Guild Event/Raid Times: 10PM-1AM EST (Wed - Sun)

Guild Discord:

Guild Charter:

Reignborn is a guild built around community, and social gameplay with a focus on game progression. We are made up of fun, focused, caring individuals who enjoy exploring Terminus with each other, and taking on all the challenges Pantheon has to offer.

General Mindset:

  • Respect others and their opinion of others
  • Strive to do what is best for the guild
  • Help others in the guild as able to
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Don't be rude
  • IRL > Game
  • Reignborn Discord

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    Guild Rules:

    Within guild:

  • No personal attacks on guild members for any reason. Constructive discussion is encouraged but should be kept polite and respectful.
  • No drama in guild chat, if you have a problem with someone or something you send them a /tell or contact an officer
  • No insulting anybody for their believes, origin or culture in any way or form
  • Divisive behavior and attempts to undermine the leadership are not allowed
  • Respect your guildmates and guild officials, treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Follow instructions given by raid leaders or officers
  • You are allowed to have as many alts in Reignborn as you wish
  • Guild Currency/DKP wipes only upon /gquit
  • Outside guild:

  • No training or KSing allowed, you are a representative of the guild in all your contacts with others and should act accordingly
  • No insulting or flame wars with people from other guilds, if you have a problem with someone use /ignore or contact an officer for help in resolving it