Welcome to the all new Pantheon101.com!

Much like the game this site is very much in a pre-pre-pre-alpha stage, so expect lots of bugs, broken features, missing pages and so on as development continues.

The goal is to provide a database/utility site for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen that is both useful for players but also respects the spirit of the game.

Current features are;

  • User accounts (Needed to comment, no profiles yet)
  • Item, Spell, Quest, Zone and NPC database. (All subject to change as more game information is made public)
  • Search (Powered by Algolia)
  • News (You're reading it!)
  • Tooltip.js - Very early development

On the To-Do;

  • User profiles
  • Advanced search of Items/Spells/etc/etc
  • Add Factions to the tabs up top.
  • Add Crafting to the tabs up top (Postponed until we get any kind of public information on what structure this may take)
  • Add Twitch.tv checker.
  • FAQ/Devblog for the site.
  • Fix some of this funky news post formatting.

Permanent To-Do;

  • General site stability, security, performance, platform support etc.

Not on the To-Do;

  • Forum - With the game still very early in development I encourage everyone to focus their attention on the official forums.

Any issues/questions/comments/etc can be asked in the comments or email me :: orsenfelt@gmail.com