Orsenfelt 11 months ago


+ Factions

+ Filters and Sorting (On the /item page only at the moment, rest will be added once functionality is nailed down)

+ Guild profiles can now link out to websites.

+ Favicon (Needs improving)

+ OffCanvas/Responsive Menu

+ Form styling tweaks, still work to be done but more consistant in more places.

+ Improved success/error message display

+ Moved to a new database schema for Races/Classes/Other. Predominantly behind the scenes in this update but should allow some awesome extra features soon.

- Tooltip styiling is 'hella borked', as the kids say.


I wanted to get out some of the features ASAP to keep the updates rolling along. Over the weekend I intend to roll those features across the other parts of the site and that'll be v0.31 which won't have its own announcement.


Next big update I hope will come with;

+ A global report problem/correction/flag system

+ Front end moderation on comments

+ Account verification via email

+ Some level of Twitter integration

+ Mod/Admin/etc titles

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