It has been quite some time since the v0.30 update but a lot has been done to the site. Not everything on the to-do list has made it into this update but we'll get there, eventually.

What's new (Or better)

  • Image Attachments - Every item, npc, spell, zone, faction, etc can now have images attached directly to them which are seemlessly (ish) stored on Amazon S3 with multiple sizes and so on. An example of this is in action is Avendyr's Pass
  • User Profiles - Been on the to-do list for quite some time, finally had some work done. At this stage it supports avatars, links out to your social profiles and early stages of activity feeds. Take a look.
  • Global Reporting - At the bottom right of most items you should now see a red box with a triangle, this is the beginnings of the report-a-problem feature. Intention is a catch all way of flagging up content problems or user issues etc.
  • Improved Comments - Styling changed again to convey the content better, some new features there including post counts.
  • Admin Overhaul - Much finer grain permission system, new styling, better features. I know this is in every update but for real this time those who've expressed an interest in that sort of stuff will be getting access.
  • Tooltips.js - Improved a whole lot, Currently looking for testers for this, if that sounds like something you would like to send an email or leave a comment!

Still To-Do (AKA, hopefully by next update but probably not)

  • Admin/Moderator/Editor/etc titles in comments.
  • Email authentication
  • Front-end moderation
  • Comment editing


As always all critiques and advice is welcome. Anyone with some experience in the following would be really useful for a number of features in the works;

  • Discord API/Discord bots.
  • Twitch API Libraries (preferably javascript implementations)
  • MySQL master/slave replication