It's been a whole month since the last site update but here it is. Front-end commenting still hasn't been implemented, which is becoming a tradition at this point. Lots of other stuff has however been added or changed.

What's New

  • Characters - Granted it's really quite basic at the moment but the structure is there. 
  • Improved news index and single news article stories, hopefully cleaner and easier to read now.
  • Improved Guild pages - view - similar style to the single article pages
  • Search bar added to the very top nav, next to the logo. Query terms are now filled consistantly and problems showing results fixed up.
  • User avatars now display in the top right of the navigation.
  • All single data pages have went through another round of improvements, zones now show screenshots up front.
  • Spells index improved, now shows Class (level) and better icon images.
  • Spell tooltips improved
  • Footer streamlined
  • Lots of Admin backend improvements
  • (Very soon) newly posted news articles will be automatically pinged out to social media when published - so get following!
  • Admin/Moderator/Editor/etc colours are finally implemented, I'll add a comment below to show them off.
  • Started fresh on the API structure, taking advantage of the lovely Laravel 5.3 API features - long way off it being public but it has allowed a promising start on various things like chat bots, bots, tooltip.js and so on.
  • Report system much improved, now works more like a ticketing system with status' and responses.
  • User profiles now show the users latest comments.
  • Alerts/Notices improvements. Successful events (signing up, logging in etc) will fade themselves out. Errors (in red) will stay to make sure they are seen.
  • RaceClass / Skill reference pages all added but removed from navigation because of spacing issues.
  • Zones can now be set to reference the zones they connect to. 

What's Coming in v0.51?

If you've followed the updates so far you'll know I like to release a bunch of features, then quickly patch up all the easy fringe bits without their own announcement. So here's what to expect.

  • Guilds will be able to upload their own banner image.
  • Give Guilds the ability to be deleted from the front end.
  • List users public characters on their profile page.
  • Continue building improvements to the character pages, make them faster, easier to use and so on.
  • Add Guilds, Characters and more into the search functionality
  • Focus on fixing up the tooltip.js/API functions

Plans for v0.60

  • Build functionality for adding equipment to character profiles
  • Character profile forum signatures
  • Let users apply to guilds with their character profiles.
  • Guild member rosters
  • Guild member roles & permissions
  • Add support for the Pantheon Climate systems
  • Improve the skill/race/class areas