After a long old delay, today I'm pushing the next major update on the site.

  • Revamped the announce/error area at the top of the page - Various styles supported, can highlight twitch streams etc.
  • Improved Character & Guild deletion capability.
  • Moved all button text, errors and incedental bits of site stuff - making it easier to modify in future
  • Improved Guild page styling
  • Started Guild member roaster implementation, applications, ranks etc.
  • Improved various settings pages layout.
  • Logged in users will now see 'Submit data change' and 'Submit item/spell/quest' buttons on every appropriate page. Clicking them will take user to all new submission system, supporting file uploads, prefill data, categories. More to come.
  • Improved top-bar navigation menu, fixing search bar jerkiness, responsiveness and dropdowns.
  • Removed user avatar from top-bar navigation.
  • Improved action feedback across the entire site, authentication failures or broken links won't just dump to 404 now.
  • Fixed news RSS.
  • Improved Item & Spell tooltip styling
  • Added Damage/Delay/Skill to weapon tooltips
  • Added descriptions to each index
  • Hid filter & sort behind reveal click on model index pages
  • Improved pagination styling
  • Added weight to item tooltips
  • Improved footer styling
  • Added 'Tradeskills & Harvesting' model, recipes will be added once the in-game systems become clearer
  • Improved layout of more text heavy database pages. e.g. Races
  • Improved numerous button styles across the site
  • Added 'mini' description for guilds, to be shown on the index pages.
  • Improved design of news articles, relegated the nav link to under the 'Other' dropdown.
  • Improved meta titles/descriptions/more sitewide.
  • Improved comment styling
  • Created report/submit/contact selection page.
  • Added universal report/submission button to navigation.

Character equipment editing still isn't implemented. Most of the delay in this update has been spent trying to figure out an elegent way of doing it but it just hasn't happened. 

It will happen before the game is launched.